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Long recognized as the most luxurious of textiles, silk is also surprisingly strong and durable.  Your Thai Silk Wall should last a century or more.

But silk poses problems when being stretched in its natural state on walls.  Our experience and proprietary techniques allow us to install taut and smooth silk accents, walls and backdrops as never before available. 

Silk, a natural textile, is...

  -  Beautiful

  -  Textured (to your taste)

  -  Strong and Durable

  -  Naturally Fire Retardant

  -  Acoustical (to your standard)

  -  Still Processed by Hand (our silks)

  -  Non-toxic and resistant to mold

  -  Soft, Warm and Attractive

"Thai Silk Walls" is the only source of reliably stretched natural silk, in its natural state, that you will find.

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From earthen natural "green" dyes to choices in ply and texture, options are available only through our custom service.  Your Thai silk wall will be truly exceptional and personal.

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