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John has been an innovator in the stretch-fabric industry for over 35 years having invented what is still recognized as the most secure stretch-fabric system to date.  Used in The White House, the Kuwait Palace, Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton properties, boardrooms and countless celebrity homes worldwide, the system is the uber of wall systems.

Close ties with leading manufacturers and installers in this field open up opportunities beyond just what he manufactures and allows for reliable installations literally anywhere worldwide.

Raised in the Korat district of Thailand, the center of silk manufacturing in Thailand, Nirawan spent her early career as a sales executive in the insurance industry.  On leaving her homeland, her ties to that industry were severed and a new opportunity emerged.

Nirawan serves as our primary liaison between your design and the best silk for your project.  Negotiating price, achieving the proper construction, texture, color and discharging numerous other functions, her native roots assure the most cooperation with the silk makers.  For our custom requests on all applications, no one is better positioned to communicate accurately and achieve your goal. 

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