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We DON'T have samples.  Our work is highly custom and your silk, layout and installation will be yours alone and you will have the result you will take pride in.

Our process begins with forming a team:  Client, Designer, Thai Silk Walls  Together we will ascertain your goals and ideal result.  You will make decisions on...

  1.  Area to be treated

  2.  Layout and Design

  3.  Targeted NRC Value (if acoustic treatment is to be integrated)

  4.  Budget (no contract or deposit required until this point)

  5.  Color

  6.  Ply Count (thickness and opaqueness)

  7.  Finish (degree of "slubs" or aberrations)

  8.  Degree of Shading

  9.  Timeline (typically 6-8 weeks, depending on complexity)


At this point, an actual sample may be ordered, but with few exceptions, is not necessary.  Your project will have been designed by experts with your input all the way.  Installation will be by certified installers among the best in the business. 

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